How to get money fast via a payday loan

If you need to get money fast and without credit check, you may not have too many options open to you.
You could buy a scratch card and hope you got extraordinarily lucky or start digging up your garden looking for buried treasure. Prepare to be disappointed though!

More practically, you could also apply for a payday loans online without credit check. Unfortunately, most conventional loans are geared up to providing larger sums of money to be repaid over lengthy periods of time. You may also find that there’s a fair bit of paperwork involved and possibly delays while lenders think about whether to say yes or no.

Fast it may not be!

However, you could apply online for what’s called a payday loan. This is a relatively new idea that allows people to borrow modest amounts of money until they next get paid. So you can get a loan and repay it fast when you next have money coming in.

It’s a cash advance on your next pay day and is designed to work very simply:

  • you apply to a payday loans company
  • you key in a few facts about yourself
  • you’ll usually get a very fast decision
  • if approved, the money could be on its way to your bank account within few hours. (How long it takes to arrive in your account itself will depend upon the policies and systems of your own bank but typically it will not be more than a working day or so).

So the 24-hour loans no credit check offers you the possibility to get money fast but like all loans, it has to be repaid!

Even there though, it’s good news. When you take out these loans, the lender will agree with you the exact date (typically your next payday) that the loan plus all charges need to be repaid. They’ll confirm the exact amount and then on the day itself they’ll debit your account to recover the sums agreed. You don’t have to do anything at all!

To get money fast through a payday loan, you just have to show that you’re in permanent employment and getting a regular wage or salary. Your loan request will also need to be for an amount that is realistic when viewed against your earnings. It couldn’t be easier! Of course, as with all types of lending, reputable payday loan lender can refuse an application if they think that a cash advance loan is not right for you.

How a cash advance payday loan may help you

If you find that you cannot make ends meet due to an unexpected cost and you keep looking at the calendar wishing payday would come around quickly, you may want to consider a cash advance payday loan.

So, what is it? A cash advance payday loan does what it says on the tin – it gives you a cash advance by way of a loan until your next payday.

When considering a payday loan you have to bear in mind that this type of borrowing is different from a secured or unsecured loan. The latter are longer-term loans, typically repaid over many months, with larger sums of money involved. These can take several weeks to get set up.

Short-term cash

With a cash advance loan, you are applying for short-term borrowing to see you through until your next payday. You may need money immediately, for instance to meet an unexpected bill or emergency repair, which you may otherwise not be able to cover until your next payday.

A payday loan is not intended for those who are suffering from debt or long-term financial problems. They are more for emergencies when, due to the unexpected, you cannot stretch your money out.

When you apply for cash advance payday loan you are agreeing to repay the borrowing, fees and any interest back when your next payday arrives or typically within a set period of time. The entire application process can often be carried out online so can be arranged almost immediately, without the need to wait for paperwork to be sent out.

No faxing payday loans

You typically sign the agreement online (also known as ‘no faxing payday loans’) or in certain situations, you may be required to fax back the agreement or other documentation. Once the application has gone through the lender may transfer the money directly into your bank account within 24 hours, in some cases perhaps just a few hours. The lender then takes the loan amount back from your debit card, which is needed when applying, along with any other costs, on the agreed date.

The payday loan company may state that you need to meet certain criteria when applying for a cash advance payday loan so. For instance, they will usually require that you are aged 18 or over and in full time employment, with a US bank account and linked debit card.

A cash advance payday loan may be a solution for you if you are experiencing short-term financial difficulties and need cash in a hurry.

Payday loan companies offer fast cash

Have you ever found yourself struggling with the lack of money waiting for your next payday? Many individuals are faced with this if something unexpected crops up which requires an immediate outlay of cash. If you do not have a large overdraft or do not have friends to rely on to help you through to payday, you may wish to turn to payday loan companies.
Who are payday loan companies?

Cash advance payday companies are lenders who offer those facing short-term cash difficulties the chance to borrow from their next pay cheque. You may apply for a small loan (around $100 – $250 but this amount does vary among providers) if you need cash fast and you have a couple of days to wait until you get paid or if you fall short of money unexpectedly soon after payday.

This of course is very different from a typical type of loan, where you are generally able to borrow larger amounts of money and spread out the repayments over many months or years. The payday loan is a stopgap until your next payday when the unexpected occurs and you find yourself short of money. Payday companies are there to offer a helping hand to see you through your short-term financial difficulty.

How do I apply for a quick payday loan?

Companies offering quick payday loans often allow you to apply for a loan online (saving lots of paperwork and being eco-friendly to boot!). You simply fill in your personal information (which will include your bank account and debit card information), the amount you wish to borrow, and the lender typically gives you an answer there and then.

If you are approved for a payday loan, you typically sign the loan agreement online so you do not have to wait for paperwork to be posted out, which speeds up the process. You may often receive your loan in your bank account on the same day as applying. If your bank does not accept instant transfers, then the money will hit your bank account on the next day.

Payday loan companies typically ask that you are over 18 years of age when applying for the loan and that you earn at least a certain amount of money each month. There may be other criteria stipulated so always check with your chosen company.

The instant cash loan is repaid to the payday loan companies via your debit card, on the pre-agreed date. It may be a quick and efficient way to get much needed cash when you need it.

Quick guide to a fast cash payday loan

The majority of us at some point find ourselves strapped for cash during the month. This may come about for many reasons and often it is due to an unforeseen cost cropping up (such as a big vets’ bill; car repairs; an unexpected household bill). Rather than struggle on, or rely on friends or family to help you, may wish to consider a fast cash payday loan.

How does a payday loan work?

A payday loan may be a solution for you if you need cash and you need it fast for the short-term. For instance, a final reminder drops through your letterbox and needs paying immediately yet payday is some time off. You may be able to borrow the money, clear the bill and then repay the amount you borrow, with interest, when you are next paid by your employer.

Applying is easy – you can do it online and some payday loan providers do not even require you to fax any documentation through, making the whole process quick, easy and eco-friendly!

How long do I have to repay the loan?

Unlike traditional borrowing, the fast cash payday loan is typically repaid on your next payday or sometimes even the one after, whereas a traditional loan is repaid back over so many months or years.

When applying for a payday loan you will usually be asked to provide your bank account details so that the fast loan can be paid into your account and also your debit card information which allows the lender to take the money owed from your card on the agreed repayment date.

What is this type of loan suitable for?

The payday loan is suitable for any type of emergency where you simply cannot stretch your money to meet the cost. It can provide short-term financial relief. It is not a type of loan to be relied upon from month to month if you are struggling financially and indeed most reputable payday loan companies will discourage regular borrowing.

Criteria for the loan

Lenders always require that you meet certain criteria when applying for any type of credit and the fast cash payday loan is no exception. Typically, you have to be over 18 years of age; be in full time employment; and have a bank account and a debit card linked to your account.