How to get money fast via a payday loan

If you need to get money fast and without credit check, you may not have too many options open to you.
You could buy a scratch card and hope you got extraordinarily lucky or start digging up your garden looking for buried treasure. Prepare to be disappointed though!

More practically, you could also apply for a payday loans online without credit check. Unfortunately, most conventional loans are geared up to providing larger sums of money to be repaid over lengthy periods of time. You may also find that there’s a fair bit of paperwork involved and possibly delays while lenders think about whether to say yes or no.

Fast it may not be!

However, you could apply online for what’s called a payday loan. This is a relatively new idea that allows people to borrow modest amounts of money until they next get paid. So you can get a loan and repay it fast when you next have money coming in.

It’s a cash advance on your next pay day and is designed to work very simply:

  • you apply to a payday loans company
  • you key in a few facts about yourself
  • you’ll usually get a very fast decision
  • if approved, the money could be on its way to your bank account within few hours. (How long it takes to arrive in your account itself will depend upon the policies and systems of your own bank but typically it will not be more than a working day or so).

So the 24-hour loans no credit check offers you the possibility to get money fast but like all loans, it has to be repaid!

Even there though, it’s good news. When you take out these loans, the lender will agree with you the exact date (typically your next payday) that the loan plus all charges need to be repaid. They’ll confirm the exact amount and then on the day itself they’ll debit your account to recover the sums agreed. You don’t have to do anything at all!

To get money fast through a payday loan, you just have to show that you’re in permanent employment and getting a regular wage or salary. Your loan request will also need to be for an amount that is realistic when viewed against your earnings. It couldn’t be easier! Of course, as with all types of lending, reputable payday loan lender can refuse an application if they think that a cash advance loan is not right for you.

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  1. It works quite simply 🙂

    While it is not a credit card at all and should really be known just as a prepaid card, it is similar to an ordinary credit card as you can use it for internet and telephone purchases and other non-cash places such as some car park machines etc.

    The big and important difference is that with a prepay card you can only spend what you have already loaded onto it. So, you can go into a PP outlet and load money onto your card, or transfer the money in from your bank account. In some cases you may even have your employer load your wages directly on to it. From that point on it will function like any other plastic payment card except you can’t spend more than you have on it.

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